Riverbed Single and Music Video Launch event… 

These are two very special people in my life. 3 years ago my brother Jake, my producer Rory and myself set out to create 'Rivebed'. Last night we stood together alongside hundreds of other people mid-gig to watch RIverbed being projected up onto a cinema screen. It was a really f**ing special moment... And what's more the crowd were rocking to the tune, making our hearts feel full ❤️ x



Vinyl swapping in the Swiss mountains 🇨🇭⛰️ 

As my recent travels through Europe unfurled in front of my bug-splattered van floating along the impeccable roads of France and Switzerland, as did many new friendships and heartfelt human connections.

I love the gigs, wholeheartedly, but what might be just as dear to me whilst on the road is broadening an ever expanding community, tribe, clan, whatever you might call it. 

I received a vinyl order from Switzerland just days before embarking on my journey... I'm all about packing and sending vinyl orders... But if I can deliver merch in-person, I am there! Laurent (aka Tokiboun In Dub) and I arranged to meet meet outside a very busy train station and had no idea what each other looked like - but as soon as I arrived we spotted each other, smiled across the crowded street and drove together into the peaceful mountains, drank coffee, ate pastries, met his friends and family and stayed on a farm deep in the countryside with 6 horses, too many sheep to count and a serene quietness during the evenings. 

And so, a vinyl exchange was made in the shadows of the Swiss mountains.

The Uplifter Blog : 2021... Shows are happening once again 🙌🏻 

​​​​​​There's been an omnipresent collectively shared catharsis and fierce intensity between both myself and the crowd in recent shows... Coupled with the fear that I might get squashed on stage 😄 It's made me jump that bit higher, hit the drums harder, push the bass lines further… We’ve all patiently waited so long and now the thirst of dancing together is finally being quenched… and it’s led to some WILD shows 🔥 

To all who have joined me and shared this celebration of live music being present in our lives once again (and anyone who hasn’t), I love you ♥️ 

(To the guy who was so close to my drum kit that one of my cymbals uppercut him in the face, I’m sorry - I was relieved to see it made you laugh rather than need surgery 🥁😄)

The Uplifter Blog : Vinyl + Music Video Launch - Won't forget that in a hurry. 

January 2018 saw my first fully-self-produced 10" Vinyl come to fruition, alongside a Music Video created by Jake Earwaker Films

It's been a long journey from start to finish with this project, as well as an exciting embarkment into new territories - the learning curve in the studio has been near-vertical. For years I relied on friends to record alongside in the studio and eventually came to realise that the only way to get things done, quicker, and more creatively is to do it myself. The DIY approach is where my roots stem from - the days of being in a punk rock band in my teens,  recording albums on a four track in our parents' houses. 

It's a liberating feeling to soley produce something from start to finish. To write, perform, record everything and press it to vinyl. What took the 'Stroud' vinyl project to another level for me was creating a music video alongside my brother. He's really doing well in the filming world and I was so happy that we got time to make something together and just hang out. We visited Stroud on two occasions to shoot the music video - in parts of the Cotswolds in and around Stroud. Minchinhampton, Roborough, Nailsworth, Horsely and other areas.

Jake and I had a lot fun making this video. It was new territory for both of us. I've never sung (and jumped around!) in front if a camera lens before. 

The Vinyl + Music Video launch at The Brunel Goods Shed in Stroud was incomprehensibly successful. The place is huge and it was packed. 

I will never forget, standing behind the merch table with my brother, watching our music video being projected onto a giant cinema screen. It was a fierce feeling, I'm not sure I've ever felt before. 

To all you crowdfunders... What would I have done without you? You made the experience of self-publishing a record and music video an even more enjoyable experience - my greatest joy was packing each vinyl, writing individual nots to each of you and bubble-wrapping toy dinosaurs with each order. 

Thank you, to each and every one of the people in the image below who helped make this project happen. 

With love, 

Tom x




The Uplifter Blog : Up on the Roof... 

Some people get kicks out of walking up mountains, feel tranquil in nature, feeling the grass beneath their feet... I, on the other hand feel all of those when on the top floor of a multi-storey carpark with a skateboard, my CD Walkman and flat, smooth concrete beneath my feet. I made a video about it a while ago which I will upload in the near future. The photograph above is a screenshot from the video. 

Each to their own :)

In the meanwhile, have a listen to this tune - Sums up my feelings entirely:


The Uplifter Blog : - Helping my brother make a short film... 

For months leading up to February 2017, all my brother Jake could think about was making a film that he has written and directed for a university project. This film is called 'Bulldoze' and is about young man's battle with anxiety and depression which manifests itself through the guise of a puppet. A puppet which is part of a collection of hand crafted creations by a good friend of mine, Jonathan Leach who is a very talented illustrator, costume maker, puppeteer and all round lovely guy.

The video is in production at present and will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, you can see the trailer here - https://youtu.be/nj28bYhBLzM

You can support Jake and his team's project here - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bulldoze-a-short-film-depression

Here is everyone involved in the project:

Left to right: Sam, Jake, Bob, Jon, Bob, Connor, Angus, Vasilia and yours truly. 

Now the filming is over, Jake seems to be relieved as well as very happy with how the production went. Now, it's up to me to write a score to the short film and attempt to capture the atmosphere of the piece - I'm well up for it!

Jake has recently just secured a job over the summer at Pinewood Studios, pretty much the central nucleus of Britain's film industry. I'm proud of my brother. 

Here's a screenshot of the trailer with Jake's cameo appearance on the left of one of Jon's puppets (Click the image below to watch the trailer)...


The Uplifter Blog : Birthdays, Blue Pasta & Brush Factories... 

Before you ask, yes... That pasta did make a mess of my snare drum! January... What can I say about January... It kicked of with a sold out Uplifter show at SVA in Stroud. I really don't know how to thank the people of Stroud for the amount they support these show - I think I'm going to write a song for them. It feels like the only way to be able to genuinely show my appreciation for how much they have backed The Uplifter and attended countless shows for nearly 10 years. 

January is the month of my birthday so it tends to be strung out for as long as I can, using it as an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. 'Why is there a photo in this blog of your family and friends, what does it have to do with music?' you may be wondering. Well, it's because each and every one of the people in the photo below have supported me in some way along the lines and in-turn been part of the fabric of The Uplifter. At the end of the day, when you first start out and as the years go by who is the foundation of any artist? I believe it is family and friends...

The Uplifter, to me, is not just a job, or solely a creative output, nor a just a means of making a living. It has in many ways been the gateway and source of much happiness and shared moments with friends and loved ones. It's also been a source of making friends along the way. Some of the biggest -how can I say it- most influential nights in the making of me have been when performing as The Uplifter - Moments where I really felt, 'this is what I should be doing, this feels more than right'.  My calling as it were. It took a lot of soul-searching and asking some of these people for their thoughts about what they thought I should do with my time on this earth... In the end it kind of came to be organically, and then in my mid twenties I made the decision to jump two feet first into pursuing a career in music and resisting the road of a 9-5 job.

I don't in any way condone 9-5 jobs, in fact some of the happiest people I've met have had steady 9-5s. I worked in a factory run by two of the nicest guys, Rob and Alan. I worked at their brush factory making paint brushes (one of the longest running factories hand crafting brushes in Britain) for 7 months to save for a 6 month travelling trip. I worked alongside a woman called Joan. She had been sat at the same table, with the same tools, looking out the same window for 35 years... but the more time I spent in her company, the more I realised how happy she was - it was the consistency of all of these factors as well as the familiar faces that played a huge role in her happiness... Then it clicked. *Whatever makes you happy and makes you tick... DO IT! No matter what it is* I first looked at Joan in the first week of working there and was thinking, 'why has this woman been here for 35 years'?... She must be mad. Then, as the months went on, it really made me think twice about judging people by what they choose to do for as living or spend much of their time doing. If they are happy doing it then I support them 100%, so long as it doesn't harm anyone. For Joan, the routine and her feeling part of something and a community of workers made her happy. Anyway, I always took that with me... 

Working at the brush factory helped me evaluate what I did and didn't want to pursue in life. 

Here's me and the brush factory family (it was, and still is, a family run business, run by two brothers). I was so happy that I took the time to get a tripod together and get the 35mm camera out - the father of the two brothers died shortly after this photo. I gave a framed copy of the photo to each person who worked there. 

As the years go by, January becomes more and more a month to reflect upon the year just passed and to look forward and plan the year ahead. The music and gigs rest a little and quietly coil up like a spring waiting to leap into the new year once the year starts to gather momentum. It also gives more time to potter about... One of my favourite things to do in the world! Time to just sit and think, gather my thoughts, catch up with listening to new music that I've not had time to properly immerse myself into and write/record music.

Here's to the year ahead - "Cheers" :) T x

The Uplifter Blog : Travelling to Ireland to celebrate life... 

My Grandmother, Mary Wright was born in Ireland in 1926 and had three children, each of which were fiercely creative. And so the cycle of creativity was born and slowly began to work its was through the generations... In december this year Grandma Uplifter passed away at the age of 90 and brought all of our family together to be with her in Ireland to celebrate her life. There really isn't much to say except that it was perfect.

The little town she lived in was all lit up with Christmas lights, the local church held it's annual carol service the night before the funeral in the same church she would frequent many years and children sang carols in the streets holding candlelit lanterns... It all felt right and it was an extremely significant weekend for my family - It brought us even closer together...And we're already very close x

The Uplifter Blog : Travel Writing... 

Creating anything at home whether it be show posters, recording music, writing lyrics etc seems to almost always equate to too many distractions to make anything at all. Perhaps it's just me? The postman's just knocked at the door, the neighbours' just popped round, the cat wants food, 'Ooh, I've not listened to that vinyl yet, let's give it a listen... You know, the usual. 

So I have resorted to combining creating with travelling... In order to get things done. The volume of creative output made in a two hour journey can be the equivalent to days, sometimes weeks at home in the studio. Cafe's seem to be a good place to create too... Perhaps it's the 'inspiration' brough on by coffee haha! So, once a week I go somewhere to create and at least once a month travel to my favourite part of London - the South Bank. To sit, drink coffee, create, repeat. Places like the South Bank are teeming with people creating, whether it be the skateboarders under the Royal Festival Hall or poets in the cafe, or the young dancers in the South Bank Centre concourse working out their routines.

When it comes to The Uplifter work, for example - On my way to Portugal on trains and aeroplanes, I finished a song structure and programmed it on an iPad. Whilst in Greece I wrote 4 songs in a couple of days whilst walking around with headphones on... When at home, I write 1 song per year on average, it seems!

This photo below was taken in Asvestachori, Greece during a week where I just seemed to be writing and writing and writing - both lyrics and music...

I like to get abroad as much as I can, whether it be to do a show or to explore but I also like to travel up to London to be amongst it all...

So, if you're ever travelling between London and Southampton by train, you might just see me. If I'm not there I'll be at the Royal Festival Hall, with a coffee-covered laptop staring at the thames, just enjoying the view and taking the opportunity to concentrate on nothing and everything...