Vinyl swapping in the Swiss mountains 🇨🇭⛰️

As my recent travels through Europe unfurled in front of my bug-splattered van floating along the impeccable roads of France and Switzerland, as did many new friendships and heartfelt human connections.

I love the gigs, wholeheartedly, but what might be just as dear to me whilst on the road is broadening an ever expanding community, tribe, clan, whatever you might call it. 

I received a vinyl order from Switzerland just days before embarking on my journey... I'm all about packing and sending vinyl orders... But if I can deliver merch in-person, I am there! Laurent (aka Tokiboun In Dub) and I arranged to meet meet outside a very busy train station and had no idea what each other looked like - but as soon as I arrived we spotted each other, smiled across the crowded street and drove together into the peaceful mountains, drank coffee, ate pastries, met his friends and family and stayed on a farm deep in the countryside with 6 horses, too many sheep to count and a serene quietness during the evenings. 

And so, a vinyl exchange was made in the shadows of the Swiss mountains.

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