1. Freedom Chant

When the world we are presented with gets too much, for me, I've always pictured my family, friends and all the conscious minded people launching some wooden boats, rowing off into the distance on calm water into a warm sunset to some place better. Somewhere peaceful.

This cover features my pet lizard Draco (see if you can spot him!), family members and with references to fishing and water - themes which always seem to crop up. Many years were spent in Ireland and after two tours of New Zealand - the landscape on both the record sleeve and label remind me of the landscape in both of these beautiful countries.

Paul Fox features on the second verse of Freedom Chant and sings with me on the chorus.

The vinyl release is dedicated to my great uncle, Uncle Mick, who was one of my favourite people in the world. He passed away during the production of this record. We used to go fishing together in Ireland from when I was a child, up to recent times. If you look closely bottom left of the image (and click to enlarge), you'll find him fishing off the back of a boat, where he always liked to be.


We're chanting for freedom
Chanting for Freedom

We're chanting, we're chanting
This here one a freedom chant (Repeat X2)

(Verse 1)
We're marching across mountains and we're sailing over seas
Rowing in a boat why don't you follow we
To a place of true peace and tranquility
A place where we all can truly be free
(Repeat chorus)

(Verse 2)
Somewhere along the road say we lost our way
Look at the children, how they love to play
How where they taught to be afraid
We're making the same mistakes our father's made
(Repeat chorus)

We're marching across mountains
Chanting for freedom

Trodding through the hillside
Stepping in time
Encouraging togetherness
Come join the line