1. Brass So High
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Brass So High

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Back in the late 90s up to 2002 I played trombone, guitar and sang in a ska/punk/reggae band called Punchbowl. The decision was made to rekindle a friendship and create a brass instrumental version of 'Flag So High' and who better to ask to accompany me than my old bandmate from way back when, Dave ('Trumpet') Leonard.

He travelled from Manchester down to Southampton to record the trumpet parts and we worked out some harmonies over cups of tea, just like old times.

The photo image was taken during a trip down to the sea at Mayflower Park in Southampton to work out some horn lines with some percussion in front of the docks. We plan to work together on another future release... and drink tea.

As with nearly all Reggae/Dub vinyl releases you get the vocal cut and a dub version, sometimes a 3rd instrumental... I decided to go for all three.