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DJ Selector  /  Percussionist / Singer / Filmmaker / Multimedia Artist / Producer / Lover of Dinosaurs & Good Coffee

This story begins the year 2003, in the city of Southampton, UK. After unknowingly saying "yes" to perform at an 'open record decks' event in Southampton at the age of 19, Tom 'Uplifter' Earwaker brought along some percussion, a small box of Reggae, Dub & Ska LP's and a pair of Walkman headphones read more...


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The Uplifter meets Still Moving DJs at The 1865 // Southampton (UK)

The 1865, Brunswick Square, SO14 3AR, Southampton

Tom founded The Uplifter in 2007, it's how Tom & Martin met and became the Still-Moving DJs... We've always wanted to combine both projects and see what happens on stage... So we're going to do it in one of the finest venues in Southampton - The 1865! The sound system, the vibe, the staff, the dance floor - It's all just right :) x

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