The Uplifter Blog : Back to the Post Office

Since posting this video up on The Uplifter Facebook page last week, orders of the last 40 copies of The Uplifter 12" vinyl started to pop up in my email inbox quicker that I could ever have imagined. At the rate it's going this release might just sell-out! Selling out vinyl for some artists might be a regular occurrence but for me this is a first...

A promotional video like this combined with it being light hearted and a lot of fun to make seemed to have done the trick with regards to shifting the last few copies... Which meant heading down the Post Office once again - Something I've always enjoyed for as long as I can remember. The process of sending someone something -particularly if I've been part of the creative process- has always been a joy to me. I also feel lucky to have people being so supportive with ordering copies as well as attending The Uplifter shows over the years. To have pressed 500 copies and have so few left really feels like a privilege and something I am very grateful for. 

People making these orders has given me an added confidence and inspirations towards producing more music and merchandise in the future - I'm genuinely excited about it. There's been some kind of rekindled full-power injection of creativity into The Uplifter for a number of reasons in recent months and having a new website which i can add to whenever and wherever I like has made a huge impact. 

X4 records are going in the post this afternoon - it feels good...

if you have been, thank you for reading this. There is so much content on the internet and so much distraction that if someone makes it to the end of this I will be amazed :D

Until next time x 


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