The Uplifter Blog : Cats, pasta and photo shoots...

Not too long ago, my buddy Rob Luckins came over and we spent the day running around Southampton on a photos shoot... No plan, just see what happens. We got some really cool shots which I'll slowly release over time. You should check out Rob's excellent website and Facebook page, oh and he has a Tumblr blog page too! I can't exactly remember how I met Rob but we've known each other for a long time, and in that time he's taken some really nice photos with all sorts of cameras. He's got a brilliant set of gear from digital cameras to medium format and old school concertina/bellow cameras. Here are a couple of shots he took way back in 2011.

If you need photos taken professionally, Rob's your man.  

I'm hoping to get Rob along to some live shows to take some live shots. So far, we've just worked on promotional photos for posters etc.

More to come :)


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